the power of rapport

The Author



Mike Gilmour is an author, leader and speaker originally from Cape Town, South Africa but now residing in Singapore.  His passion and aptitude for leadership has seen him serve in leadership positions in both the corporate and educational sectors and these experiences have shaped his unique perspective on the importance of rapport within organisational culture. Mike is married to Sandi, who is a speech therapist and educator, and has two children Madison (4) and Jack (2). While his career has spanned several sectors, his passion for human connections and rapport has remained consistent regardless of the context. 


Relationships matter! I firmly believe that the ability to build rapport is one of the most essential skills required to be successful in life. Not only will building rapport benefit you, it will have a significantly positive influence on those around you and the organisation in which you work. I am passionate about human connections and have been since I was a child. For as long as I can remember I was always fascinated with the way in which people interacted and connected with each other. Seeing some people excel at building connections while others struggled caused me to study this element of human life and reflect on my own rapport building journey. In my book, The Power Of Rapport, I share the strategies I have developed in order to build authentic connections with people. I am passionate about relationships and rapport and I hope that after reading my book you will be too!


The Power Of Rapport is a book designed for everyone. So whether you're a leader, teacher, employee, parent, entrepreneur or simply an individual wanting to learn more, then this book is for you. I wrote the book as a practical guide together with relevant stories and personal experiences which emphasis each strategy. I am very confident that after you read the book you will be filled with a passion for rapport as well as practical strategies which you can implement in your day to day life. So whether you're looking to build connections in your personal or professional life, The Power Of Rapport is for you.

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